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Co-Housing practices: inventing prototypes for Athens
Venice, October 26-30, 2016
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The entrance of the Greek Pavilion with the poster of the workshop on the one side and the map of all Zurich's housing cooperatives on the other

The entrance of the Greek Pavilion with the poster of the workshop on the one side and the map of all Zurich's housing cooperatives on the other

The sharing ideas for sharing space workshop organized in Zurich by
NetHood and INURA Zurich Institute, in the context of the MAZI project and INURA Coop Initiative, resulted in a long-term collaboration between Co-Hab Athens and INURA Athens groups, which was inaugurated in the best possible way: a 4-day workshop at the Greek Pavilion in Venice Architecture Biennale, #ThisIsACo-op, titled "Co-housing practices: inventing protypes for Athens".

Many of the people that Dimitra Siatitsa (INURA Athens) and Constantina Theodorou (Co-Hab Athens) met during their visit in Zurich were now the special guests in the workshop to discuss with various experts from Greece the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences between the two contexts.

We discussed in smaller and larger groups about what is generic and what is context-specific in the conception, design and implementation of these cooperative housing and living projects in Zurich.

This will hopefully stimulate local groups in Athens, like the Co-app building and INURA Athens, to develop similar projects inspired from and adapted to the Greek reality. At the same time, this exchange will be also an opportunity for self-reflection for the active participants in Zurich, potentially helping the existing projects to adjust to the changing landscape and requirements of future projects, similarly to the NeNa1 learning process from previous experiences with Kraftwerk1 and Kalkbreite.

Here is a first draft of the document which will be continuously edited during the visit and will guide the workshop at the Greek Pavillion in Venice Biennale. http://demo.mazizone.eu:9001/p/zurich_housing_comparison


(+ tentative title of their short seed talk during the different gatherings)

Andreas Wirz: The cooperative housing market in Zurich and Switzerland

Constantina Theodorou: A new co-housing iniative in Athens and the #ThisIsACo-op theme at the 15th Venice Biennale

Daniel Blumer: The cooperative housing scene in Bern

Despina Papadopoulou: The perspective of a Greek architect living and working in Zurich

Dimitra Siatitsa: Thinking about collective property models within the Greek housing system: potentials and difficulties

Fred Frohofer: Living in the Kalkbreite cooperative

Ileana Apostol: Socially integrated neighborhoods through housing cooperatives in Zurich

Jens Martignoni: The four traditions behind the cooperative housing movement in Zurich

Marco Jacomella: A knowledge transfer project between Switzerland and Italy

Panayotis Antoniadis: The MAZI project and the possible roles of technology

Philipp Klaus: Working and living in Kraftwerk1, and the INURA Coop initiative

Rayelle Niemann: Living at Klingenstrasse 23 (Wogeno project)

Sanna Frischknecht: A new initiative in Basel, Warmb├Ąchli

Thomas Raoseta: The NeNa1 & 5im5i projects

Thorsten Kuehn: A new member and resident of the Karthago cooperative.

Tobias Bernet: Networks of housing cooperatives in Germany and Switzerland and attempts at a knowledge transfer to Greece (Athens Biennale, project AKINITO)

Vesna Tomse: Temporary uses: Experiences from Zurich