Ileana Apostol

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Hybrid neighborhood communities, community engagement in planning

Projects: NETHOOD

  • I. Apostol, P. Antoniadis and T. Banerjee. 2013. Flanerie between Net and Place: Possibilities for Participation in Planning. Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER) 33 (1): 20-33, March 2013.

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  • I. Apostol, P. Antoniadis and T. Banerjee. 2012. Cyberspace Design: A New Challenge for Planners. ICE Journal of Urban Design and Planning, online September 2012, in print.

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Urban design, public spaces, and design pedagogy

Projects: PoPS Doctoral Dissertation, PORTA (Marie Curie Fellowship)

  • I. Apostol. 2013. Railway Stations as High-speed Places. AESOP-ACSP 5th Joint Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 2013.
  • I. Apostol. 2012. The Social Life of Mobility Environments. XXV AESOP Congress, Ankara, Turkey, July 2012.

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  • I. Apostol and K. McCown. 2007. Teaching the Dialectics of Design to Problem Solving Practitioners [pdf] XXI AESOP Congress: Planning for the Risk Society, Naples, Italy, July 2007.

  • I. Apostol and T. Banerjee. 2006. Book Review - Brave New Neighborhoods: The Privatization of Public Space by Margaret Kohn [pdf] H-Urban, H-NET: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, January 2006.

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  • I. Apostol. 1997. The Pedestrian Arcade: A Joint in the System of Urban Open Spaces. MasterĘs Dissertation (in Romanian language) at the University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania.

Spatial planning

Projects: Master Thesis; Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet; PORTA

  • I. Apostol. 2012. Railway Stations as Interface between the Local and the Global [pdf]. In Proceedings of the International ICAR2012 Conference (peer-reviewed), Bucharest, Romania, May 2012.

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  • I. Apostol. 2003. Flagship Projects including Retail in Bucharest: Villacrosse Arcade and Baneasa Development. Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet Congress: The Role of Flagship Projects in Regional Restructuring and Urban Regeneration, Essen, Germany, November 2003.

  • I. Apostol. 1999. Transportation Planning in Romania with respect to Integration in the EU. Master's Dissertation at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, September 1999.