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The MAZI toolkit - an introduction
URL: http://mazizone.eu/toolkit/
See also: MAZI project

A mobile MAZI Zone on the train to Rimini

The MAZI project in a period of three years (2016-2018) managed to develop a full fledged toolkit for transforming a Raspberry Pi to a powerful local WiFi networking hosting a wide varity of free and open source applications, with a very simple installation procedure.

Like Wordpress enables any person with basic technical skills to create their own web page on the Internet, the MAZI toolkit enables anyone to create a local web platform with many different web applications including Wordpress (see demo of the default "user view"), through a very simple administrator interface (see a demo of the admin panel).

Unfortunately no follow-up funding was secured and the development process had to stop (for now). But it still works perfectly for Raspberry Pi 3 B and 3 B+ (not the latest version).

All documentation is available in the wiki of the guides github repository, including deployment tips, and long-term processes that are needed for a sustainable deployment.

The software code is also available on github and you are very welcome to contribute or fork the project!

Note that the MAZI toolkit is actually one in the series of many efforts to build such local networks, and forking is one of basic principles behind the evolution of this vision.