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Principles and objectives


The following is the core set of principles and objectives that guide our activities (as described in the bylaws):

  1. nethood aims to achieve sustainability through diversity, pluralism, civility, and tolerance in the hybrid environments of our cities, following the Do-It-Yourself and local4local principle (the use of local tools and processes to support local activities and needs).
  2. nethood treats the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a means, rather than an end, to shape convivial and self-organized communities, respecting privacy, allowing ownership and appropriation of the hybrid space, and addressing digital and other divides.
  3. nethood promotes face-to-face communication, and exchanges of knowledge and services between those in physical proximity, by bridging the virtual with the physical space of the hybrid city.
  4. nethood participates in activities of similar initiatives and grassroots processes that produce hybrid space according to its principles, promoting the creation of flexible networks between like-minded groups that allow them to join forces while keeping their independence.
  5. nethood stimulates encounters between diverse actors through interdisciplinary events, urban installations, small group visits, gatherings and storytelling, contributing to the creation of common understandings and transfer of knowledge.
  6. nethood engages in interdisciplinary research and education, and local projects regarding hybrid space design, DIY technologies, complementary currencies, and social action in the city, empowering local actors to take the role of self-appointed public characters, who have the knowledge and skills to sustain local communities.
  7. nethood contributes to the creation of an open hybrid framework for empowering citizens to build local (contextualized) communities and learn from each other's experience.