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The REWORLDING project
(photo taken from the reworlding page at UHasselt: https://www.uhasselt.be/reworlding)


The REWORLDING project is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network, which promotes transdisciplinary research through a novel form of collaboration between:
  • academic partners: University of Hasselt (coordinator), University of Limerick, Malmo University, Aalborg University, Trento University, and ETH Zurich.
  • civil society organizations: the Architecture Workroom Brussels, autism supporting diversity, Aalborg Kommune, Pilar Institute, Sensus Skåne-Blekinge, Waag society, Tænketanken Demokratisk Erhverv, Landscape Choreography, Intercommuncale Leiedal, and NetHood.
The REWORLDING training programme identifies and articulates reworlding design capabilities that can support next-generation researchers in tackling the connections of social and ecological challenges. This is achieved through interdisciplinary methodology based on collective learning and participatory action research, embedded in inter-sectoral collaborations with non-academic partners who address socio-ecological issues from diverse perspectives. The research program explores the capabilities needed to address socio-ecological issues, and their translation to specific skills and training needs.

The role of NetHood

NetHood participates as a secondment for the Researcher 11 position on Reimagining open spaces for radical participation and collective imagination hosted by ETH NEWROPE chair.

This project engages with spaces for cultural transformation. More specifically the research looks at cultural spaces in (peri-)urban areas that form the basis for contemporary imaginaries for inclusivity. The researcher will engage in participatory ways with such places to understand the (spatial) conditions, relations and moments that are key to building transformational communities. Topics of hosting, retreating, organisational grounding and processes of collective learning will be actively touched upon during this PhD.