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Social infrastructure

The name NetHood means 'networks over the neighborhood', thus the work in specific localities and in physical proximity in general is at the core of our research and action. Local networks in the neighborhood comprise those of places, people, activities, organizations.

For example, PARLA is a recent project of NetHood enabling the formation of local networks, and initiating social learning processes around neighborhood-relevant topics. So far in PARLA we organized visits and guided tours to get to know places, associated people and their activities, currently but also their history.


NetHood employs field research, simulation games, and methods of applied domains like anthropology, participatory design and planning. Among the tools used are guided tours and visits of places, hands-on workshops, roundtables, exhibitions, and direct experiences, sometimes interactive, at specific locations.


L200: https://langstrasse200.ch

MAZI, EU Horizon 2020

netCommons, EU Horizon 2020