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CROCHET @ INURA Conference 2019
Zagreb, June 30 - July 4
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From June 30 to July 4 Zagreb hosted the 29th INURA International Network for Urban Research and Action conference, organized by IPE and Pravo na grad. Over 80 international participants joined the conference entitled "City (Un)defeated: Streams of Struggle" and 23 guided tours took them through Zagreb's past and present struggles. The two public debates tackled the housing crisis in Zagreb and the controversial "Zagreb Manhattan" project. Following the conference, INURA members wrote an open letter to Zagreb's City Assembly condemning the project, which was widely reported by Croatian media.

The CROCHET project supported financially the organization of the conference, but also contributed to the debate on the housing crisis in Zagreb with the participation of Philipp Klaus (INURA Zurich Institute / NetHood). During the retreat a special session under the INURA Coop Initiative allowed the CROCHET partners to get to know each other and start the discussion about cooperative housing.