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DIY Networking (links)

Look out!

(The following links have been compiled around the concept of DIY networking. Similar collections will be soon available for other areas of local action like social infrastructures, cooperative housing, and complementary currencies)

DIY networking: http://diynetworking.net/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DiY_networking
The Conversation: DIY networking: the path to a more democratic internet

Technology (boxes, mesh networking, protocols)
OpenWrt: http://openwrt.org/
Libremesh: http://libremesh.org/
Commotion: https://commotionwireless.net/ (case studies)
Qaul.net: http://qaul.net/ by Wachter and Jud.
PirateBox: http://piratebox.cc/ by David Darts.
LibraryBox: http://librarybox.us/ by Jason Griffey.
Occupy.here: http://occupyhere.org/ by Dan Phiffer.
superglue: http://superglue.it/ by Danja Vasiliev et al.
subnodes: http://subnod.es/ by Sarah Grant.
Dowse: https://www.dyne.org/software/dowse/ by Dyne.org
Mobile Node: http://mobilitylab.net/nodomovil/ by Efrain Foglia
Liberouter: http://www.liberouter.mobi/
Refugee hotspot: https://refugeehotspot.net/
Nextcloud box: https://nextcloud.com/box/
Etherpad box: http://networksofonesown.constantvzw.org/
MAZI toolkit: http://mazizone.eu/toolkit/
La Brique internet: https://labriqueinter.net/
Internet Cube: https://internetcu.be/
Solar web site: http://solar.lowtechmagazine.com

Art and design
Yellow chairs: http://superflux.in/index.php/work/yellow-chair-stories/ by Anab Jain.
Deaddrops: http://deaddrops.com/ by Aram Bartholl. (see also WiDrop)
Alternet: http://sarah.gold/ by Sarah T Gold.
Invisible islands: http://invisibleislands.org/ by Sebastien Pierre.
Netless: http://k0a1a.net/netless/ by Danja Vasiliev.
wifi tagging: http://fffff.at/wifitagger/ by Addie Wagenknecht.
Squatbox: http://squatbox.ch/ by Navid Tschopp.
Txtualhealing: http://www.txtualhealing.com/ by Paul Notzold.
Guerilla projector: http://troika.uk.com/ by Troika.
Snowden Archive-in-a-Box: https://snowdenarchive.cjfe.org/ by Evan Light.
Right to Flight: http://right-to-flight.com by James Bridle.
Hybrid Letterbox: http://www.design-research-lab.org/...letter-box
Polylogue: http://www.design-research-lab.org/...polylogue-1/
Leimert Phone Company: http://leimertphonecompany.net/
Can you hear me?: http://can-you-hear-me.de/web/
Community Phone Booth: http://www.ameliamarzec.com/phonebooth/
Stupidforum: http://stupidforum.com by Miltos Manetas.
(NetHood's self-hosted and customizable open source version, not maintained)

Yunohost: http://yunohost.org/
Framasoft: http://framasoft.org/
OpenKi: http://openki.net/
Etherpad: http://etherpad.org/
Nextcloud: http://nextcloud.com/
Wordpress: http://wordpress.com/
Dokuwiki: http://dokuwiki.org/
Airtime: https://www.sourcefabric.org/en/airtime/
PiplMesh: https://dev.wlan-si.net/
Tidepools: http://tidepools.co/ by Jonathan Baldwin.
(see also: Decentralized internet devroom @FOSDEM '17 and @FOSDEM '18)

Wireless Community Networks (medium scale)
Sarantaporo.gr: http://sarantaporo.gr/
PeoplesOpen.net: https://peoplesopen.net/
NYCMesh: https://www.nycmesh.net/
Toronto Mesh: https://tomesh.net/
Open Wireless Network: http://own.spc.org
Detroid Technology Community Project: https://alliedmedia.org/
Network Bogota: https://networkbogota.org/
free2air: http://free2air.org/
Consume.net: http://dek.spc.org/julian/consume/
RedHook WiFi: https://redhookwifi.org/
(see also, OTI, interview, thesis, news)
Mesh-club: http://falanster.by/en/mesh-club/ by Falanster
Digital Merthyr: http://digitalmerthyr.org.uk/
SEED grants: https://www.newamerica.org/oti/...2015-seed-grants/
Beyond-the-net grants: https://www.internetsociety.org/beyond-the-net

Wireless Community Networks (large-scale)
Spain: http://guifi.net/
Germany: http://freifunk.net/
Greece: http://awmn.net/
Austria: http://funkfeuer.at/
Italy: http://ninux.org/
Slovenia: https://wlan-si.net/
France: https://ffdn.org/

Research studies
Australia: DIY WiFi by Katrina Jungnickel.
UK: Grassroots initiated networked communities by Mark Gaved.
Canada: Community and municipal WiFi by Alison Powell.
Greece: Wireless Community Networks by Maria Bina.
Spain: guifi.net by Roger Baig et al.
Policy: From the digital divide to digital excellence by Laura Forlano et al.
Political studies: What are CNs an example of? by Christian Sandvig.
Community informatics: What are CWNs For? by Greta Byrum.
Urban studies: The rights to the hybrid city by Antoniadis & Apostol.
Journal of Peer Production: Alternative Internets and CITY
Sustainability: Sustainability and community networks by Christian Fuchs.
Sustainability (2): The Organic Internet by Panayotis Antoniadis.
See also: Wireless networking in the developing world

The Atlantic: The Promise of a New Internet by Adrienne LaFrance.
Niemanlab: From protest tools to news? by Susan E. McGregor.
Rhizome: Making Internet Local by Adam Rothstein.
Wired: It's Time to Take Mesh Networks Seriously by Primavera de Filippi.
Shareable: My week with PirateBox by Jeffrey Andreoni.
Motherboard: Subverting Time Warner’s NYC Monopoly by Jason Koebler.
LSE blog: From personal computers to personal networks by Panayotis Antoniadis.
Next City: Yesterday’s Internet Isn’t Good Enough ... by Carly Berwick.
The Conversation: ... a more organic Internet by Panayotis Antoniadis.

Related events
Battle of the Mesh: http://battlemesh.org/
Radical networks: http://radicalnetworks.org/
our:networks: https://ournetworks.ca/
P2P-Internet workshop: https://tomeshnet.github.io/p2p-internet-workshop/
DIY networking @Mobisys2015: http://diynetworking.net/mobisys2015/
Transmediale festival: off-the-cloud-zone (2016), offline networks unite! (2015)
Together in Sarantaporo: http://www.sarantaporo.gr/
Hybrid City III conference: CONTACT workshop
Community Now? Symposium, Berlin: http://www.community-now.org/
Dagstuhl seminar: DIY Networking: an Interdisciplinary Approach (report)
3rd EINS Summer school: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens
LSE workshop: The alternative Internet(s) (check: blog series and JoPP)
The UrbanIxD Symposium: The UrbanIxD exhibition, Venice.
Eyebeam Off-The-Grid Exhibition: LittleNets

The Next Layer: http://thenextlayer.org/ by Armin Medosch
(read: Cities of the Sun, The Rise of the Network Commons)
SPC: http://spc.org/ by James Stevens
(read: MAZI Mondays, Adhere to this, Midnight Train Massage)
Furtherfield: http://www.furtherfield.org/
(read: Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud)
loriemerson: http://loriemerson.net/blog/
(read: Othernet, Alternet, Darknet)

Urban design, places, community, participation, difference (people)
Place making: William (Holly) Whyte (see also project for public spaces)
Flanerie: Walter Benjamin, Guy Debord
Everyday life: Georges Perec, Michel de Certeau
The sidewalk: Jane Jacobs (see also jane jacobs walk)
Being together: Jean-Luc Nancy, Richard Sennett, Iris Marion Young
The right to the city: Henri Lefebvre, David Harvey, John Friedmann.
Pattern languages: Christopher Alexander (see also liberating voices)
Hybrid space: William J. Mitchell
The image of the city: Kevin Lynch
Conviviality: Ivan Illich [pdf], P.M. [pdf, pdf]

Research and/or action communities/institutes
CNSIG: http://cnsig.info/
Altermundi.net: http://altermundi.net/
Rhizomatica: https://www.rhizomatica.org/
COOLAB: http://www.coolab.org/
ISOC: http://internetsociety.org
APC: http://apc.org/ [newsletter]
DC3: https://comconnectivity.org/
INURA: http://inura.org/
Open Technology Institute: http://oti.newamerica.net/
GAIA: email list (IRTF draft and trac page)
Institute of network cultures: http://networkcultures.org/
nettime: email list
furtherfield: http://furtherfield.org
Community informatics: e-mail list (journal)
Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project: http://www.cwirp.org/
Urban Informatics: http://www.urbaninformatics.net/
Tilde club: http://tilde.club/
(see also: code and an interesting discussion on scaling/federation)

EU Research projects
MAZI: http://mazizone.eu/
netCommons: http://netcommons.eu/
RIFE: http://rife-project.eu/
COMPARE: http://compare-network.net/
CONFINE: http://confine-project.eu/
Clommunity: http://clommunity-project.eu/
Urban Interaction Design: http://urbanixd.eu/
P2PValue: http://p2pvalue.eu/
SCAMPI/liberouter: http://www.ict-scampi.eu/

More blogs
We make money not art: http://we-make-money-not-art.com/
The Mobile City: http://themobilecity.nl
BodySpaceSociety: http://bodyspacesociety.eu/
Place matters: http://blog.placematters.org/
Pasta&Vinegar: http://nicolasnova.net/pasta-and-vinegar/

More repositories
Alternative Internet: https://github.com/redecentralize/alternative-internet
MeshNet: https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/MeshNet

NOTE: The above list is not meant to be exhaustive, but just to provide a few selected entry points to relevant projects and concepts we have encountered during our research on DIY networking. We would be happy to be informed about those that we might have missed or other related collections.