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MAZI - A DIY networking toolkit
URL: http://mazizone.eu
Duration: January 2016 - December 2018
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A MAZI zone with the Hybrid Letterbox at Kraftwerk1's Heizenholz

MAZI, http://mazizone.eu, is an ongoing Horizon2020 CAPS project (2016-2018), which develops a DIY networking toolkit for enabling citizens to easily install and customize local wireless networks according to their own needs.

The MAZI toolkit includes a wide variety of FLOSS applications can be deployed by anyone with basic computer skills in specific geographic locations in the city, accessible only to those inside the coverage of the network, creating a hybrid space that can be collectively designed and managed from those concerned, a MAZI Zone.

NetHood is leading the Interdisciplinarity workpackage and the Zurich pilot together with INURA Zurich Institute at the Kraftwerk1 cooperative housing and living project, among other spin-off pilots in Zurich and Athens.

In this space, there are three different pages under development:
  • A short introduction to the MAZI toolkit: why and how?
  • NetHood's MAZI Zones: description, lessons learned, templates
  • An Openki course on the "Organic Internet" (incl. the MAZI toolkit)