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Food culture

Ortoloco - Zurich

In addition to being a basic need for human existence, food production is a key process both for sustainability and conviviality. NetHood researches and promotes local food production and consumption cultures that are participative and social, and complementary with other forms of self-organization in the areas of digital tools, alternative currencies, cooperative housing, and community centers.

In the context of our new project, L200, we are in close contact and explore the work of various groups in Zurich, like Transition Zurich, a network of initiatives working on sustainable lifestyle, Boimig, an organization trying to build experiences of healthy food culture through events, dialogues, and farming activities, and Grassrooted, an organization trying to reduce the food waste of big supermarket chains from local farmers.

Moreover, we are members of Ortoloco, which experiments with an advanced model for community-supported agriculture in which the members of the cooperative are required to work on their farm 10 times per year to be able to receive the weekly basket of seasonal vegetables. The "Spaten Brigade", the Spades brigade, takes place every year at the beginning of the season. All the members of the cooperative go to their farm to prepare the soil for the season while listening to live music and taking breaks for socialization.

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