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Kraftwerk1 - Zurich

NetHood has recently engaged in a new research and action activity around the young cooperative housing and living projects in Zurich, such as Kraftwerk1 and NeNa1, in collaboration with the INURA Zurich Institute (project MAZI).

This effort contributed to the creation of a new initiative in Greece, Co-Hab Athens, which organizes currently a series of monthly meetings and participates in various related international events.

Previous related activities include the coordination of the EU project COMPARE, an interdisciplinary exploration of self-organization in practice. See the summary report of the final symposium of the project.


Cooperative housing and beyond -- the right to the hybrid city, Zurich, May 23-25, 2018 https://nethood.org/inura/cooperative-housing-and-beyond.

Co-Housing practices: inventing prototypes for Athens Venice, October 26-30, 2016 https://nethood.org/housing/venice/.

Sharing ideas for sharing space, a nomadic workshop on knowledge sharing between Switzerland and Greece, Zurich, 25-27 July 2016. https://nethood.org/housing/zurich.

Final COMPARE symposium on self-organization, Zurich, 27-29 April 2015. [report]


I. Apostol, Urbanity and the right to difference, studies in History and Theory of Architecture, Volume 3/2015 [publisher] [pdf]

COMPARE Network. Interdisciplinary explorations of self-organization in Zurich, Switzerland, COMPARE project report, April 2015. Available at: https://nethood.org/compare/compare_report_zurich_apr2015.pdf

Knowledge exchange

Project L200: A new collective space in Zurich, bringing together various initiatives in Zurich around technology, housing, food, money, and more.

Project MAZI: Kraftwerk1-NeNa1 pilot and a knowledge transfer project between Switzerland and Greece (CoHab Athens).

Project o500: https://o500.org (in collaboration with Neustart Schweiz)