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Sharing ideas for sharing space
Zurich, July 25-27, 2016
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Dreieck - guided tour by Thomas Raoseta and Philipp Klaus

Thomas Raoseta showing us the axonometric view of the Dreieck cooperative - photo by Constantina Theodorou

NetHood and INURA Zurich Institute, in the context of the MAZI project and INURA Coop Initiative, are hosting two guests from Athens for a nomadic workshop in Zurich. The goal is to start a long-term collaboration on a knowledge transfer project between Zurich and Athens on the topic of cooperative housing, co-living, and in general creative and collaborative ways to share space in the city.

Between July 25 and 27, together with Dimitra Siatitsa (INURA Athens) and Constantina Theodorou (Co-app building), we visited different local cooperative projects, like Mehr-als-wohnen, Zwicky areal, Kalkbreite, Kraftwerk1, Dreieck, Wogeno, and also met members of the recent NeNa1 cooperative.

We discussed in smaller and larger groups about what is generic and what is context-specific in the conception, design and implementation of these cooperative housing and living projects in Zurich.

This will hopefully stimulate local groups in Athens, like the Co-app building and INURA Athens, to develop similar projects inspired from and adapted to the Greek reality. At the same time, this exchange will be also an opportunity for self-reflection for the active participants in Zurich, potentially helping the existing projects to adjust to the changing landscape and requirements of future projects, similarly to the NeNa1 learning process from previous experiences with Kraftwerk1 and Kalkbreite.

The discussion continued at the Greek Pavillion of the Venice Architecture Biennale with the #ThisIsACo-op workshop "From urban commons to co-housing practices": http://thisisaco-op.gr/en/events-press/events/34-en-co-housing-practices-workshop.html. See NetHood's summary here: http://nethood.org/housing/venice/.

Detailed schedule

Monday - July 25th

11:00 Dreieck Tour - https://www.dasdreieck.ch
Gartenhofstrasse 27, 8004 Zürich
- Visit and discussion with Thomas Raoseta and Philipp Klaus

13:00 Lunch and discussion
Helvetiaplatz: Amtshaus, Molkenstrasse 5, 8004 Zürich

15:30 Kalkbreite Tour - http://kalkbreite.net
Kalkbreitestrasse 2, 8003 Zürich
- Visit and discussion with Fred Frohofer

17:30-20:30 Kalkbreite Flex1: Apero and discussion
- Seed talks (10 min each): Philipp Klaus, Constantina Theodorou, Jens Martignoni, Tobias Bernet, Marco Jacomella

Tuesday - July 26th

14:30 Wogeno - http://wogeno-zuerich.ch/haeuser/stadt-zuerich/klingenstrasse-23/
Klingenstrasse 23, 8005 Zürich
- Visit and discussion with Rayelle Niemann

16:30 Kraftwerk1 Tour - http://kraftwerk1.ch
Hardturmstrasse 269, 8005 Zürich
- Visit and discussion with Philipp Klaus

18:00 Kraftwerk1 Dachraum: Apero and discussion
- Seed talks (10 min each): Andreas Wirz, Dimitra Siatitsa, Thomas Raoseta, Despina Papadopoulou, Vesna Tomse, ...
- Discussion about the workshop at the Greek Pavillion in Venice Biennale

Wednesday - July 27th

10:00-11:30 Mehr-als-wohnen Tour - http://mehralswohnen.ch
Hagenholzstrasse 104b, 8050 Zürich
- Visit and discussion with Claudia Thiesen

13:00 Lunch at Kraftwerk1


Collaborative work

Toward a comparative framework for knowledge sharing

During the visits to the different initiatives we will try to record in an organized manner important details of their design and evolution in order to understand better their similarities and differences and the range of decisions that can be taken when one wishes to create a new initiative in a radically different environment (i.e., in Greece)

More specifically, we will collaboratively edit a working document identifying certain important "variables" that can characterize a cooperative housing project: vision, bootstrapping, community building, legal framework, financing, governance and decision-making, sharing practices and social activities, important turning points, and more.

Here is a first draft of the document which will be continuously edited during the visit and will guide the workshop at the Greek Pavillion in Venice Biennale. http://demo.mazizone.eu:9001/p/zurich_housing_comparison


(+ tentative title of a short seed talk during the different gatherings)

Andreas Wirz: The cooperative housing market in Zurich and Switzerland

Constantina Theodorou: A new co-housing iniative in Athens and the #ThisIsACo-op theme at the 15th Venice Biennale

Daniel Blumer: The cooperative housing scene in Bern

Despina Papadopoulou: The perspective of a Greek architect living and working in Zurich

Dimitra Siatitsa: Thinking about collective property models within the Greek housing system: potentials and difficulties

Fred Frohofer: Living in the Kalkbreite cooperative

Ileana Apostol: Socially integrated neighborhoods through housing cooperatives in Zurich

Jens Martignoni: The four traditions behind the cooperative housing movement in Zurich

Marco Jacomella: A knowledge transfer project between Switzerland and Italy

Panayotis Antoniadis: The MAZI project and the possible roles of technology

Philipp Klaus: Working and living in Kraftwerk1, and the INURA Coop initiative

Rayelle Niemann: Living at Klingenstrasse 23 (Wogeno project)

Sanna Frischknecht: A new initiative in Basel, Warmbächli

Thomas Raoseta: The NeNa1 & 5im5i projects

Thorsten Kuehn: A new member and resident of the Karthago cooperative.

Tobias Bernet: Networks of housing cooperatives in Germany and Switzerland and attempts at a knowledge transfer to Greece (Athens Biennale, project AKINITO)

Vesna Tomse: Temporary uses: Experiences from Zurich

A few photos from the event

Kalkbreite - Dimitra and Constantina

Dimitra and Constantina during the guided visit at Kalkbreite

Kraftwerk1 - Ortoloco

Hans Widmer, aka P.M., talking about Ortoloco at Kraftwerk1's "Pantoffeln Bar"


Philipp Klaus describing the concept of working and living in Kraftwerk1

Kraftwerk1 - about NeNa1

Despina Papadopoulou talks about her experience as a NeNa1 member


Constantina Theodorou together with Hans Widmer, being introduced to the steps from Bolo'bolo to Kraftwerk1