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Openki - self-organized learning for all
URL: about.openki.net
See also: projects | openki course on MAZI


Openki, http://about.openki.net, is a project whose vision is to transform education to a collective learning experience of everyday life, self-organized, participatory, inclusive, and fun. It tries to do this through an open-source platform, http://openki.net, that facilitates the organization of collective learning processes, including the proposal of a subject of a course, finding mentors who can teach it, and looking for hosts who can provide a room for the course.

NetHood is part of the group of people that develops the platform and the ideas around it, software engineers, designers, educators, facilitators, and helps to spread and develop the idea through its networks in Athens, London, and more. It also uses the Openki platform for the development of learning processes around DIY networking and other related concepts explored in its funded projects MAZI and netCommons.