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NetHood's MAZI Zones
See also: MAZI project | MAZI toolkit

Kunstwerk1 Mazi Zone

A MAZI Zone is defined by the coverage of a MAZI local WiFi network, which consists of a Raspberry Pi with the MAZI toolkit software, placed in a specific location ideally complemented with visual elements signalling the existence of the network and access guidelines.

In essence, a MAZI Zone creates a hybrid space, by overlaying a digital web platform accessible only to those present in the corresponding physical location. The MAZI handbook presents nicely many examples of MAZI Zones. The following are only a few examples of MAZI Zones installed by NetHood in Zurich.

L200 - a hybrid urban living lab
One of the most important limitations but also novelties of a MAZI Zone is that it is constrained in space. So, when it makes sense a MAZI Zone could be framed as a digital space overlaying a physical one. In other words, the emphasis could be on the space that a MAZI Zone is installed.

L200 is a very central space in Zurica, at Langstrasse 200, which was designed with this in mind, and its MAZI Zone is used regularly for sharing impressions of the various events or for playful interactions with passers by, as depicted in the figure.

A screen showing the collective writing application allows passers by to interact through a digital whiteboard.

Hybrid Guestbook
A MAZI zone could be permanently attached to a specific place and play the role of a digital guestbook, which could be even complemented with a physical one (a real guestbook). You could also print out a few previous postings from the „digital space“ for stimulating participation. This will allow your guests to share their impressions from visiting the place and collectively build its digital identity.

You can install a guestbook at your house, your restaurant, or your museum, if you have one. But a solar panel could enable you to add a digital guest book to the most unexpected locations, like a remote lake, a ghost town, or even the peak of Everest!

For such a framing you could enable only the MAZI's Guestbook application, see demo, and make this the main page of your portal.

Hybrid poster
The installation of a digital Guestbook at Parkplatz, including a digital display could help to visualize the contributions of the guests, designed through a self-organized Openki course on the "Organic Internet".

Kunstwerk1 - a hybrid photo exhibition
Similar to the hybrid space, a digital layer could be added also to a specific object, a photo exhibition, an art or historical piece, even a tree, as in Unmonastery pilot. Again, passers by can learn more about the object by connecting to its MAZI Zone, and even contribute comments and complementary content.

A hybrid photo exhibition installed in Kraftwerk1's community space